Welcome to the Clevedon Rifle Club. At Clevedon we shoot from 300 yards back to 1000 yards, mainly with single shot target rifles in any caliber up to 8mm. There are several styles of target shooting, Target Rifle with open sights and supporting the rifle with a sling,  F-Class where a rest and telescopic sights are used and Hunter Class where standard hunting rifles with a support are used.

Shooting starts at 9-00am on Saturdays with the shooting season going from September until May. The range is situated on a working farm so changes to the club programme happen around hay making, etc. The club has club rifles, jackets, scopes, ammunition and members available for people to come along and give target shooting a go.

Throughout the shooting season there are a number of Club, Local, National and International Championships involving club members. Competition right up to Commonwealth Games and World Long Range Championships is available or you can just shoot in the club. All shooting is conducted under strict range and safety conditions. We have Electronic Targets so once set up, shooting begins with no stopages required to change markers, just bring out your mobile device to see your scores.

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Shooting is cancelled today, 20th April, there has been a lot of rain over night, more is coming along with thunder and lightening. 

South Auckland Championship is still on in Otorohanga as far as I'm aware.

Next Saturday, 27th April is the Field and Services Cups in the morning, get you .303's out and load up 22 rounds. Course of fire is 2 x sighters, 5 shots application (each shot marked as fired), 5 shots snap (target available for 3 seconds) and then 10 shots Snap. This will be done on manual targets, following this the electronic targets will be put up and shooting will be 2 x 10 shot matches with handicap added for the Gallipoli Cup, the whole day will be at 300 yards, 8am for range set up and shooting to start at 9am.

Can anyone with club trophies return them to the clubrooms over the next couple of weeks, clean and polished please.


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